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Beer Butt Chicken

1 Whole 3-4 lb. Chicken (insides removed)

˝ Can of beer (It has to be a can, not a bottle…However you get it to ˝ can of beer is your choice)

4 whole cloves garlic

Olive oil

Seasoning to taste

Wash and pat dry chicken.  Rub lightly with olive oil and seasoning to taste.

Place 4 whole cloves of garlic in the beer can.  Then place butt of chicken over beer can.  This will prop the chicken up (looks like it’s standing up…be prepared to laugh)

Place in a baking dish and bake chicken standing up on beer can at 350 for 22 minutes per pound.  Remove from oven, let stand for 10 minutes. Remove beer can from chicken.  Slice and serve. 

This will be the moistest chicken you will have ever eaten, not to mention a conversation piece.



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